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We support B2B companies transition from occasional wins to steady success with expertise, experience, and passion.

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What we do

building predictable sales machines in






We believe that achieving success in sales goes beyond selling and scheduling meetings. It involves establishing a solid foundation that allows you to predict your future and scale your efforts in alignment with your company strategy.

Drawing on our extensive experience in building and scaling sales organisations across industries, we guide you through the process of achieving sustained revenue growth.

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How we do it

Our proven sales approach

We leverage our evolving sales approach, refined through hundreds of real-world interactions, to unlock your growth.


Strategic framework

We blend our sales expertise with your industry knowledge to develop a comprehensive strategic framework. The result includes detailed sales playbooks, infrastructure setup, refined processes, and robust reporting mechanisms. This framework ensures our team operates with precision and efficiency, and is yours to own and apply internally when needed.

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Sales execution

Leveraging our local, specialised, and high performing sales resources, we swiftly assemble and deploy the ideal team for your needs. Within days, they are operational and fully managed by us, targeting relevant markets and segments with a structured approach. As they execute, they provide your organisation with invaluable real-time market data, fuelling the development of your sales machine.

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Continuously optimising our strategic framework based on real-market data is what drives our process forward. This iterative refinement is crucial, as it progressively shapes your sales organisation into one that becomes more predictable with each call or meeting. Over time and with a sufficient volume of activities tailored to your product and market, this approach lowers the threshold for expansion and scalability, ensuring sustained growth.

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“ScaleupXQ has taught us how to build a systematic sales approach. In addition to new business brought in, that was definitely one of the most valuable outputs from working with them.”

Janne Aas-Jakobsen

CEO @ Consigli

Who we are for

Elevate Sales, Regardless of Growth Stage

We offer support to B2B companies across all growth stages, tailoring solutions to their specific situations and needs.

Going to market for the first time

Entering the market is challenging. We build a strong sales foundation with positioning, processes, and technology for a successful launch.

expanding to a new market

Getting ready to expand to a new market? We customise strategies, identify opportunities, and utilise local experts to minimise risks and maximise potential.

boosting existing sales

When sales decline, reassessing strategies is crucial. We optimise processes and use data-driven methods to boost productivity and revenue.

launch a venture or product

Introducing new products or ventures demands strategic sales planning. We analyse market viability and tailor strategies for successful launches.

Success Stories

Building a scalable framework

Engaging ScaleupXQ enabled 7Analytics to accelerate their sales efforts and enter the market faster, without the need for extensive hiring or training.

Success Stories

Testing New Products in the Market

Netlife wanted to test their new product Designmaskinen in the market. During 3 months with ScaleupXQ they signed 4 new customers, shortening the sales cycle by 150%.

Success Stories

Strategic Success and market expansion

Consigli accelerated the expansion and validation of the UK market in only 3 months from signing the contract with ScaleupXQ.

Success Stories

Successful expansion partner for the DACH region

By refining the existing sales strategy, Bannerflow was able to swiftly expand and deploy sales resources in the DACH region within just 1 month after signing the contract with ScaleupXQ.

Why work with us?

How We Make a Difference for Your Business

The combination of expertise, experience and passion for sales is the foundation of our business, and is what you get access to, too.

Your infrastructure

You own the strategy, playbooks, and data, while we seamlessly operate within your CRM. Enjoy the freedom to disengage at any time.

LOCAL experts

Access our sales resources, comprised of local experts in key markets like the Nordics, DACH, and UK. The team is trained and managed by us.

we know sales

This is not our first time. With thousands of sales processes monthly and a team of seasoned experts, we blend old and new insights to remain at the forefront of our field.

Who we are

Passionate sales experts with hands-on experience

Building successful B2B sales organisations across various industries and markets multiple times is a rare feat - yet, it's our story.

We have experienced the challenges and seen how many companies fail because they cannot establish repeatable sales processes and secure revenue. We reverse this trend by empowering companies to build predictable, sustainable sales organisations.

our figures of success

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Qualified meetings booked


Accumulated know-how

250+ yrs

Qualified meetings booked


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Total clients




Total clients


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Pipeline value (€)




Pipeline value (€)


CRM systems built


Monthly sales activities


CRM systems built


"In only 1 month from signing the contract ScaleupXQ activated their sales resources in the DACH region. That was 8-10 times faster than we estimated if we were to hire a team ourselves."

Emil Chroona

Chief Growth Officer @ Bannerflow


Empowering growth

Discover the secrets of sustainable growth. Explore our insights and tips for effective strategies and expertise to boost your B2B sales success.

Let's answer some of your questions

How do I know if my business or product is ready for your services?

If you're a B2B company ready to invest in growth but facing challenges such as underperforming sales, lack of skilled personnel, inexperience in scaling, entering the market for the first time, expanding to new markets, or launching a new product, our services can bridge these gaps and help you achieve your sales goals.

How does ScaleupXQ's approach differ from other sales consulting firms?

ScaleupXQ stands out from other sales consulting firms due to our experience in building hundreds of sales organisations and our everyday involvement in the field, keeping us at the forefront of the industry. Our tailored approach and hands-on execution focus on strategies specific to each client's industry and growth stage, ensuring practical, sustainable outcomes.

Can ScaleupXQ help a business at any stage of its growth cycle?

Absolutely, ScaleupXQ is equipped to support businesses at any stage of their growth cycle. Our approach remains consistent, but we tailor it to suit your specific situation, industry, and market.

How familiar are you with my specific industry or market?

We've worked in many different industries, so we have a broad understanding. But, knowing every detail of your industry isn't always crucial. It's often easier to teach a sales expert about your specific field than to teach someone in your industry how to sell effectively. So, while we may not be experts in your exact market, we're skilled at learning and adapting to it quickly.

What experience do you have selling to enterprises, and more complex solutions?

We have worked with hundreds of companies of various sizes, often excelling with more complex solutions and engaging higher-level decision makers. This extensive experience includes successfully selling to enterprises.

Ready to get started and build your sales machine?

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