ScaleupXQ is an initiative to strengthen Norwegian tech companies ripe for commercial scaling and growth.

We operate in the space between strategy and operations, with a tactical and experienced-based approach to scaling up businesses.

Shuffle your cards right

We are all about you and your team. With your current situation in mind our goal is to enable you to supercharge your own growth. We join you on your journey by injecting crucial know-how and ensuring a steady pace throughout your scaleup phase.

Play by your
own book

There are a lot of challenges connected to growth. We believe that the appropriate competence and experience has to be built within each company in order to tackle them.

This is why our delivery is based on an individual approach, and the results from working with us leaves you with your very own fundament to scale from.

Why play with us?

We have a strong track record from building several companies from scratch and successfully navigating our own and others businesses through the transition into the high growth game. Being highly operational, wearing the hats of both on-the-floor-operators and C-level executives, we’re able to solve challenges and transfer know-how on all relevant levels.

The team

Lars Johan Bjørkevoll

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Marcus D Soknes

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Madeleine Holbye

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Maria Willoch

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William Dileso

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Rik Cartigny

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Marcus Magnussen

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Emilie Engli

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Stine Norum

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Patrik Rønningen

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